Making Software an Asset, Not an Expense.

Solutions for the Investment Management Industry

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Flexible. Scalable. Cost-effective.

At Messer, we provide state-of-the-art order management, portfolio management, and reconciliation systems that streamline workflow and understand localised risks such as restricted currencies, ID markets and QFII for investing and operation professionals from the buy-side, such as hedge funds, asset managers, family offices and private equity firms.

We do this to create a work paradigm where workers spend 90% of their time making and executing decisions and only 10% time automating the rest, at 0% of the risks

Our Values

Technological Advantage

Our solutions have been developed using the latest technologies and architected to be highly scalable, cost effective and quick to deploy either locally or in the cloud.

HTML 5 based

No client software required


Truly customizable data model

We are the first vendor in this space to break from traditional relational database models and employ a NoSQL document database


.Net based framework, embedded Python for configuration

We have extracted the common baseline workflows of funds and extended this through configuration and hooks from our framework into Python

Rest API

Power to extend

Our REST API makes it easy to access our functions and services and to integrate into other technology environments

Cloud based deployment


  • Client has own server restricted access via IP over SSL
  • Scalable – elastic solution grows with resource requirements
  • Cost effective – no up-front capital infrastructure costs, reduced IT labour costs
  • Constant monitoring of system and infrastructure

Office Locations


Suite 5.07,
31-35 Kirby Street,
London EC1N 8TE

Hong Kong

Suite 1101 11/F Wilson House,
19-27 Wyndham Street,
Central, Hong Kong

About Messer Financial Software

Our founder Bryan Messer started Messer because he saw the mismatch between the amount of investment made by financial professionals into technologies in the market and the amount of investment still required for their own technology. Expensive systems are often augmented by spreadsheets and do not take into account local regulatory and operational risks outside of the US. In 2013, as a CTO of a large hedge fund in Hong Kong, Bryan identified this pain point and set out to help investment professionals invest proportionately in their own technology not by increasing spend, but by increasing quality and flexibility.

Contact Details

Room 1101, 11/F Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Suite 5.07, 31-35 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TE
Hong Kong: +852 3468 6930 | UK: +44 207 492 1748