Messer started out as an extensible data warehouse and transaction processing framework, consolidating data from any source into a centralised warehouse. Our data warehouse records and timestamps any change to any piece of data, meaning that you can view data as it was at any point in time.

Our unique no-schema data model means that we can easily ingest any data regardless of format and content. Since then and due to client demand we built additional modules like OMS, PMS and Reconciliation to provide clients with a more integrated experience.

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Configurable workflows

Do it your way. Rather than telling you what your workflow should look like, we configure workflows to your exact specification to reflect the way your business works.

Futureproof data

With our powerful data warehouse, we can ingest all data in any format from any source quickly and efficiently.

Smart suggestions

From swap unwinds to rebalancing, from CSA calculations to complex allocation rules, we help you find the most optimal solution.

Developer toolkit

Whether you want to connect our data to another system, extract data to build custom reports, or feed external data onto our interface, our API does it all.

Messer Prodigy

Our Solution is Prodigy

Simply smarter.

Whether you are optimising your operations or about to set up a hedge fund, family office, or private equity or asset manager, we have a solution just for you.

Portfolio Management

portfolio management

Clear understanding of current positions is key for informed decision making.

Our real-time P&L and NAV calculations coupled with the ability to drill down from positions into trades and open lots, offers unprecedented transparency into where you stand.

Intelligent defaulting and rules streamline many aspects of trade capture, life-cycling events, and all manner of non-trading activities.

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Much more than a matching engine, our reconciliation solution is a management information system offering insights such as age of breaks, accuracy of bookings, etc.

The entire data acquisition, reconciliation and notification of results and events is highly automated. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets. Workflows such as break assignment, commenting and multi-level approvals streamline the reconciliation process and provide timely and clear insight as to the state of your reconciliation.

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Order Management

order management

From carbon credits to cryptocurrency, trade anything anywhere with our browser-based order management system.

Whether you trade any combination of direct to market, multiple third party EMS and platforms, straight through processing of VCONs , confirmation services and manual entry we have the solution.

Our unified blotter shows all order activity on a single screen. Smart allocation, commission, fee rules and position and compliance checks streamline bookings to downstream systems and minimise risk.

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Data Warehouse

data warehouse

Being the backbone of Prodigy, yet also available as a solution in its own right, our data warehouse allows the modules to communicate seamlessly and use the same data from a single source.

We keep a complete, versioned history of all data editing activities. No change is ever lost and you can view your data a any point in time/as of date.

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