Reconciliation with Reason

Do you really need a solution that just tells you two numbers don’t match? We do better.


We provide state-of-the-art reconciliation solutions to hedge funds, asset managers and family offices providing control, transparency and accountability.

How are we better?

Insight over Information

Near real-time reconciliation with smart triggers run reconciliations as soon as sufficient data is received.

Automatic notifications of overdue files, reconciliation runs and results.

Metrics on efficiency, accuracy and workload.

Automatic processing of back dated amendments

Our unique activity reconciliations pool every unreconciled break until it is matched. Subsequent economic amendments return the item(s) to unreconciled without the need for historical re-runs.

Manual overrides

Force match entries with commentary and preview of the resultant net effect for corner cases.

Highly Configurable Rules and Data Transformations

Source data can be normalised on the fly using layered transformations. Our matching rules feature powerful expressions and operators but are simple to write.

Well-structured Workflow

Users can be split into different levels, where the higher level will get notified to start their approval process when the last level finishes their sign-offs. These levels can be defined by the client.

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What did clients say?

Of course we also have...

Flexible Data Ingestion

Choose from SFTP files (push or pull), manual file upload or our API, which allows automatic transfers from your system to ours – no stress!

Work Assignment

Breaks can be assigned to specific team members to work on and for them to comment.


Accessible anywhere.

Data Quality Control

We check that your data is consistent and valid e.g. cash activity by currency for a period equals change in currency balances.

3rd Party Integration

We integrate with data from FIX VCON, EMSX MarkitSERV, 3rd party files trades, positions, accounting entries, market data providers, etc.

Our real-time P&L and NAV calculations coupled with the ability to drill down from positions into trades and open lots, offers unprecedented transparency into where you stand.

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Our data warehouse  is available as a solution in its own right and is also the backbone of Prodigy, providing seamless integration between modules that all operate on the same single source of data.

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From wine collections to cryptocurrency, trade anything anywhere with our browser-based order management system.

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