Portfolio Management


Clear vision executed correctly

With our browser based real-time P&L and NAV calculations, you can see clearly where you are right this moment, wherever you are.


Our smart suggestions can help you with odd lot, fair allocation methodologies and more.

We automate the booking/processing of most non-elective corporate actions from dividends and splits through to mergers and acquisitions.

Our PMS also seamlessly integrates with our state-of-the-art reconciliation module, so we will handle the rest.

How are we better?

Comprehensive Asset Support

We can help you trade even tier 3 assets, be it a racehorse, wine collection, cryptocurrency, or carbon credit. Utilising our schema-less data model, there is not much we can’t trade.

Customised allocation rules

We can configure rules to match clients’ complex scenarios such as unwind methodology.

Comprehensive rebalancing

Capital inflows and outflows, rebalance Fund A against Fund B, reserve an amount of cash and invest the rest or target exposure across a set of funds and accounts.

Send the resultant proposed Orders directly to our OMS or to third party systems.

Tell us what you want, we can tell you how to get there.

Unprecedented transparency

Drill down from positions into trades and open lots, cash balances to detailed cash activity, disaggregate and explore accruals and resets.

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What Our Clients say

Of course we also have...

Seamless integration with Reconciliation module

Reconciliation status on a trade or cash detail level is available via our PMS.

Commission and fees Engine

We can calculate trade commissions and fees based on client-specific schedules.

Real-time profit and loss / NAV

You can see tick-by-tick data, drill down to individual lots and associated cash flows, and see intraday performance vs. previous days.

Sort, pivot, and group by any metric.

Flexible data ingestion

Choose from SFTP files (push or pull), manual file upload or our API, which allows automatic transfers from your system to ours – no stress!


Accessible anywhere.

Corporate action handling

We can pull corporate actions from a feed or you may enter them manually.

Be it dividends, mergers, or stock splits, spin offs or rights issues we notify and entitle the event and create the relevant entries to represent the economic impact.

Customisable lifecycle handling

From opening a position, through ndf fixings, resets, rolls, coupons, exercise, expiry and unwinds, our workflows match the real world lifecycle events on the position.

Flexible reporting

Quickly access up-to-date performance metrics such as SD, Skewness, Kurtosis, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe and Sortino ratios for any date range. Compare performance to any benchmark or index.

3rd party integration

We integrate with data from FIX, VCON, EMSX, MarkitSERV, 3rd party files trades, positions, accounting entries, market data providers, valuation and risk systems, prime brokers, custodians and administrators.

Smart suggestion

We don’t just execute, we strategise as well e.g. we always suggest the most economically optimal unwind.

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Much more than a matching engine, our reconciliation solution is a management information system, offering insights such as age of breaks, accuracy of bookings, etc.

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From wine collections to cryptocurrency, trade anything anywhere with our browser-based order management system.

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Our data warehouse  is available as a solution in its own right and is also the backbone of Prodigy, providing seamless integration between modules that all operate on the same single source of data.

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