Prodigy is our integrated investment solution which streamlines your operations from order management, portfolio management through to reconciliation and reporting.

Different from other trading solutions, Prodigy is supported by our unique data warehouse architecture which ensures any historical reporting is based on data at the exact point in time. Any combination of modules can be deployed to co-exist with existing systems or as a complete front to back solution.

Prodigy Suite

Every module accesses the same single source of data from our data warehouse.  Management information can be accurately extracted from operational data.

Built on the API-first model, Prodigy can be used stand-alone, or easily integrated with existing in-house front-ends and bespoke functionality and third-party systems.

Messer Prodigy

The Solution is Prodigy

Order Management

order management

From wine collections to cryptocurrency, trade anything anywhere with our browser-based order management system.

Whether you want to trade straight to market, use a variety of third party platforms and EMS solutions, we can streamline your workflow through our smart allocation rules and rebalancing workflows, while keeping you risk-free with our built-in position and compliance checks.

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Portfolio Management

portfolio management

Clear understanding of current positions is key for informed decision making.

Our real-time P&L and NAV calculations coupled with the ability to drill down from positions into trades and open lots, offers unprecedented transparency into where you stand.

Intelligent defaulting and rules simplify and automate many aspects of trade capture, life-cycle events, and all manner of non trading activities.

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Much more than a matching engine, our reconciliation solution is also a management information system, offering insights such as age of breaks, accuracy of bookings, etc.

Data acquisition is fully automated through our API, you can now say goodbye to spreadsheets and third party portals. Our multi-level approval and work assignment features provide full transparency on the status of all reconciliations.

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Data Warehouse

data warehouse

Our data warehouse  is available as a solution in its own right and is also backbone of Prodigy, providing seamless integration between modules that all operate on the same single source of data.

Our data warehouse maintains an entire  audited history of all activities. No change is ever lost.

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Don't need everything?

All of our solutions can be implemented to compliment existing solutions that you already use. Tell us your situation, and we will best tailor the solution to your needs.

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Don't need everything? Don't need everything?
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