Data Warehousing


All versions of the truth in one place

Our data warehouse creates and stores a version history for every data modification.


Supplement out of the box integrations with reputable 3rd parties such as market data providers, prime brokers and fund administrators and our own modules with your own data to create a common single source for all your data needs.

How are we better?

The Complete Story

Easily viewable, fully audited  versions of every record are stored in a single place.

Flexible, rich data at low cost

Our use of a schema-less data model provides ultimate flexibility and allows both structured and unstructured data to be stored and processed.

Model data in its natural form, greatly increasing scalability and flexibility. Staff can get on with retrieving and analysing data without spending hours creating their own data-universe.

Easily adapt to different data formats or requirements in the future.

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Of course we also have...

3rd party integration

We integrate with data from FIX, VCON, EMSX, MarkitSERV, 3rd party files trades, positions, accounting entries, market data providers, post trade processing, valuation and risk systems, fund administrators, prime brokers and counterparties


Accessible anywhere.


Access to rich web-based dashboards, interactive time series reporting and self service business intelligence through familiar interfaces, such as a web browser or Excel.

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Much more than a matching engine, our reconciliation solution is a management information system, offering insights such as age of breaks, accuracy of bookings, etc.

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From wine collections to cryptocurrency, trade anything anywhere with our browser-based order management system.

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Our real-time P&L and NAV calculations coupled with the ability to drill down from positions into trades and open lots, offers unprecedented transparency into where you stand.

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