Repo lifecycling

Manage repos and reverse-repos with ease


Looking for a collateral management software, or a coupon management system? Our repo lifecycling module is both coupon and collateral management systems in one. Manage your repos and reverse-repos accurately and with ease using our repo lifecycling module. From collateral management, coupon management to termination and rolling, the module calculates, maintains and feeds detailed information to a downstream PMS or accounting system.

This workflow is available as an add-on to Prodigy and as a standalone workflow. 

How does it help?

Act as both collateral management software and a coupon management system, calculate detailed information, maintain and feed it to a downstream PMS or accounting system. 

Use cases

  • Incumbent system does not support the full lifecycle of repos
  • Inaccurate calculation of accruals
  • Collateral management
  • Act as coupon management system
  • Termination and rolling of repo and reverse-repo
Use cases
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Key features

Repo trade form

Custom fields

Ability to add and edit repo without code

Auto-calculated amounts including settlement and repayment amounts

Supports file upload to create repo trades

Repo positions

See your accrued interests in real time

Email alert when exposure is over the set threshold

Ability to view, term, and term and roll

Ability to edit columns and pivot

Includes security master

Ability to update contract details

Ability to edit columns and pivot

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