Case Study

Glen Point Capital

Scaling with Our Client

When Glen Point Capital launched, they needed a solution configured to their business workflow for a wide range of products and a fast implementation. As they grew, they wanted their solution to scale with them.


We configured a trade capture workflow for Glen Point Capital where they use a variety of execution platforms and systems, feeding into Messer’s centralised blotter. From the blotter they could review, allocate, calculate fees and commissions and automatically transmit data to their fund administrator in near real-time. We completed the whole implementation within 1 month.

As our client grew, they increased trade volume, extra asset types and required connectivity to additional execution systems and platforms.

We automated many of the manual processes including sophisticated defaulting, life cycling events and lot processing for speed, accuracy and efficiency. We also deployed our reconciliation solution.

These initiatives enabled the client to scale their operation without  significant additional headcount, or the need to outsource their operations.



Customised Experience Fast

We configure our solution around the client’s workflow, not the other way round. Through our flexible offerings, our client was able to start trading using an efficient workflow within a month.

Growth Without Pain

Most funds face challenges as their technology needs to quickly evolve to keep pace with the growth and direction of the business. The Messer architecture was designed to, and is able to, deal with these challenges.  Our client is just as comfortable now as a multi-billion dollar fund as they were when they first launched.

Here are some of our clients

Our clients are prestigious investment institutions.

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