Stock loan module

Manage stock loan to reduce risk


Stock loan is an asset that many hedge funds hold, but the risks associated with securities lending and changes in borrow rates can be difficult to manage. Using Messer’s stock loan module, clients can easily manage risks using various metrics and alerts.

This workflow is available as an add-on to Prodigy and as a standalone workflow.

Use case

Increase clarity and control regarding risks associated with excess stock loan and changes in borrow rates.

How does it help?

Using Messer’s stock loan module as an organisational tool, clients can view borrowed inventory, borrow cost and blended rates, and also tag to strategy and manager level. Checks for excess securities lending and inconsistent borrow rates are in place and alerts can be set up.

Key features

Accurately track and return unneeded excess stock loan

Monitor and apply re-rating and accrue fees

Straight-through processing to downstream accounting systems

Determine and reconcile borrow requirements across trading systems and counterparty statements

Trade-based allocation of financing costs

Full transparency for investors and regulatory requirements

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