Stock and Bond Borrow

Our stock and bond borrow system manages the entire process from short-sell through to cover and return, tracking the cost and reconciling with each counterparty. Comprehensive reports show inventories, current rates and fees, changes in rates, pay-to-hold inventory and duration, as well as alerts on user defined triggers, such as a rate exceeding a threshold.

Why implement a stock borrow system?

Cost Saving

Track and return unneeded excess borrow, ensure auto-returns are actually returned, monitor re-ratings and accrue fees accordingly, with straight through processing into an accounting system.


Determine and reconcile borrow requirements across your trading systems and counterparty statements.


Report volume as well as daily and MTD costs by counterparty, manager, strategy, region, and more.

What you get from MFS

Hosted Solution

Hosted in the cloud. Our solution includes system consulting, monitoring, and maintenance.

Intraday Alerting

Intraday alerts to your borrow needs as well as upcoming events such as dividend dates and record dates for relevant markets.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive web-based dashboard for booking and updating borrows, and custom reporting.