Data Cube Reporting Solutions

DataCube provides access to rich web-based dashboards, interactive time series reporting and self service business intelligence through familiar interfaces, such as a web browser or Excel.

Why implement a data cube?


Consolidate trade, pnl, risk, cash balances, stock borrow costs and investor data from internal systems and external sources, such as prime brokers and counterparties, all mapped to your common security descriptions.


Build a rich timeseries of risk and pnl data for analysis, reporting and data mining. Our interactive reporting gives you the information you need to answer investors' questions, and a consistent, systematic and reproducible way of producing month end investor reports.

Reduce Operational Costs

With accurate, reconciled information on positions, cash and fees positions and balances can be managed and optimised, reducing operation costs. Breaks with counterparties are quickly identified.

Why in the cloud?


Our solutions are totally elastic, growing in database size, memory and CPU with your requirements.

Constantly monitored

Both systems and infrastructure are constantly monitored.


No up-front capital infrastructure costs, and therefore reduced IT labour costs.