About us


Messer was founded in 2013 by Bryan Messer. Prior to starting MFS, Bryan was the CTO at Azentus Capital Management in Hong Kong. In the seventeen years before that he worked in a variety of trading and development roles at Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, British Energy, Enron, and Microsoft. Messer was founded on the feedback of industry peers who were seeking a complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution to their financial software requirements.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a product that offers maximum value to the end user while avoiding unexpected costs for customization. We seek to improve operational efficiency and accuracy in the middle and back office, to automate repetitive manual tasks, and to provide the front office with the timely, accurate risk and p&l data required to manage a portfolio. We offer a modular solution in the form of our DataCube, from trade entry and order management to portfolio analytics, data aggregation and flexible reporting. Our solutions are intended to enable better decision-making. We work alongside internal IT teams to integrate with existing technologies, systems and proprietary solutions. We differentiate ourselves not only through our software products but with our best in class on-going support.